Green tea tastes vegetal and fresh. Depending on quality and variety, it has floral, fruity or nutty notes.

How green tea is made
Fresh green tea leaves are heated immediately af- ter harvesting. They are then shaped into the de- sired form, for example by rolling, and finally dried. Through heating, natural oxidation is prevented, so that the leaves retain their green colour.

Yunsi aged green tea
Jasmine tea  
Pretty Flower & Round Moon flowering tea

Oriental Beauty flowering tea
Long Jing floral
Long Jing nutty

Organic Houjicha  
Organic Kukicha  
Organic Aki Bancha  

Organic Asanagi Sencha  
Organic Kabusecha  
Kabusecha Superior  

Xinyang Maojian  
Huoshan Huang Ya BIO  

Lu'an Gua Pian BIO  
Guzhu Zi Sun  


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