Here you find the teaware recently introduced to our online shop.
Bamboo Gongfu Cha Tool Set handmade
Bamboo Scoop handmade
Bamboo Tea Tongs handmade

Tradition Cup  
Pastoral Cup  
Symbolic Cup  

Humble Cup  
Jianyang Cup  
Tall Well Railing Yixing Teapot jiangponi

Wide Well Railing Yixing Teapot jiangponi
Fat Eggplant Yixing Teapot jiangponi
Grand Lantern Yixing Teapot jiangponi

Vizier Yixing Teapot duanni
Sesame Lotus Yixing Teapot duanni
Bamboo Soul Yixing Teapot zini

Nature Spirit Yixing Teapot zini
Balance Yixing Teapot zhuni
Small Lantern Yixing Teapot zhuni

Lightbulb Yixing Teapot zhuni
Duo Kuai Ke Bei  
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Tea Lotus  

Thirsty for tea knowledge?

Our latest YouTube video:

Chinese ⁠Tea Lexicon 2: The Tea Leaves: In Part 2 of our mini-series, learn words for the picking, origin, and cultivation of trees leaves, and unlock the meaning behind the names of your favourite teas!

    Chinese ⁠Tea Lexicon 2: The Tea Leaves