About Us

Nan Nuo Shan is a region of tea plantations situated in China from which our company takes its name (Shan in Chinese means mountain). Nannuoshan embodies the principles of Chinese tea culture and is spreading it in the Western world.

Chinese tea grows in the best tea plantations in the world, yet it is barely available outside of mainland China and Taiwan. Its high quality is so prized that production can hardly meet China's domestic demand. For this reason, only the lesser quality tea is exported for sale on the international market.

Nannuoshan optimizes the pleasure of discovering and drinking genuine tea. We travel to the plantations in China for every spring harvest, purchasing and importing the tea directly from the growers ourselves.

In this way, not only we are able to personally guarantee a selection of the absolute best teas available, but also a deep understanding and knowledge of Chinese tea culture which we can then pass onto our customers - a union of philosophy and technique.

From our headquarters in Berlin, nannuoshan organizes tea tastings, as well as lectures and events on tea throughout Europe.

Our objective is to offer the maximum quality at a reasonable price, so that everyone who is interested in Chinese tea culture has access to our fine selection.

For additional information don’t hesitate to contact us.

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