Pu'er tea is strong and intense. It often tastes earthy and tart. Pu’er are the best-known of the dark teas.

How Pu'er is made
Processing begins like green tea: the leaves are heated, shaped and dried. Pu'er is subdivided in Sheng and Shu:

  • Sheng Cha (raw tea), once dried, is softened by steam and pressed into cakes. Over years it develops its typical earthy flavour.
  • Shu Cha (ripe tea) is fermented over several months in order to somewhat resemble in a relatively short time the taste that Sheng Cha develops over decades of aging.
Nannuoshan 2019 sheng pu'er - gushu
Gelanghe 2006 sheng pu'er - gushu
Yiwu Autumn Bee 2017 sheng pu'er

Mannuo 2011 sheng pu'er
Feng Shan Chun Jian Yi Hao 2008 sheng pu'er
Mengsong Sheng 2015 sheng pu'er

Lan Shi Hei Ma 2011 sheng pu'er - gushu
Banpen 2011 sheng pu'er - gushu
Nannuoshan 2013 sheng pu'er - gushu

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