A big-eared Buddha wearing dreadlocks to bring peace and relaxation to your tea moments. 


What is a tea pet for?

Tea pets are very common in China: tea lovers usually place them on the gongfu cha tray and pour out the leftover tea over them.

The pets symbolize good luck, fortune and happiness; they also decorate the table and lighten up the tea ceremony.

Tea pets are made of clay, unglazed with a rough surface. They are mostly monochromatic, but fancy ones can be enriched with a few notes of colour. They are so cute that can easily become collector's items!

    • MATERIAL:  Clay
    • HEIGHT:  7 cm


    3.50 € - Hong Qing
    Green tea

    Chinese yellow tea, whole leaf, directly from the farmer
    4.50 € - Mengding Huang Cha
    Yellow tea