Sheng Pu'er terroir selection

Sheng Pu’er is that special category of tea that allows one to map out the Chinese landscape through the senses alone. Learn about Sheng Pu'er terroirs with these bundles: a careful curation highlighting the different growing regions that include the esteemed tea mountains of Eastern Xishuangbanna to the renown Bingdao area, as well as those lesser known growing regions, noteworthy of discovery. Each tea is presented in 20g pouches and is perfect for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to explore the depth and complexity of Sheng Pu’er over multiple tea sessions. The bundles have been curated as follows: 


1) Famous Tea Mountains

Hailing from the renowned tea mountains of eastern Xishuangbanna, these teas represent the pinnacle of traditional Sheng Pu'er. Each mountain contributes its unique terroir, giving rise to a complex array of flavours and aromas. 

2) Yiwu vs Menghai

This collection contrasts the distinctive taste profiles of Yiwu and Menghai, two legendary Pu'er terroirs. Yiwu, known for its milder flavors, and Menghai, famous for its robust and often bitter notes, offer a fascinating exploration of regional differences. 

3) I can't believe it's not Bingdao

Bingdao is one of the most coveted areas for Sheng Pu'er production. Sharing the locality are adjacent villages producing teas that offer a comparable quality and complexity, challenging the popularity of the Bingdao name-tag. 

4) New & modern classics

This collection combines established favourites with rising stars in the world of Sheng Pu'er. It's a celebration of both time-honoured traditions and innovative approaches in tea cultivation and processing. 

Famous Tea Mountains

  • Manzhuan 2014
  • Yiwu 2014
  • Manzhuan 2015
  • Youle 2015

Yiwu vs Menghai

  • Hekaishan 2013
  • Luo shuidong 2013
  • Banpen 2015
  • Yiwumahei 2015

I can't believe it's not Bingdao

  • Bawai 2021
  • Dijie 2021
  • Nanpo 2021
  • Nuowu 2021

New & modern classics

  • Nannuoshan 2013
  • Laomane 2014
  • Yiwumahei 2014
  • Banpen 2016
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