Colorful Cat Tea Pet

These cute kitties are colorful both in tone and expression: choose from red, yellow, or black clay, as well as a posture of enthused alertness or peaceful repose. Amusing on their own, they work even better together in pairs or trios to provide a cheerful chorus delighted by the gift of warm tea. According to this bathing habit, they may take on a pleasing patina, and look perfectly at home with other clay ware.

What is a tea pet for?

Tea pets are very common in China: tea lovers usually place them on the gongfu cha tray and pour out leftover tea or rinse water over them.

The pets symbolize good luck, fortune, and happiness; they also decorate the table and lighten up the tea ceremony.

Tea pets are usually made of unglazed clay with a rough surface, often monochromatic, but can employ a range of materials or special features. They are so cute, they can easily become collector's items!

  • MATERIAL:  Clay
  • HEIGHT:  Alert: 5.5 cm; Asleep: 5 cm
  • WIDTH:  Alert: 4.5 x 5.5 cm; Asleep: 4.75 x 6.5 cm