by Sigita Hjort

Lichen Cup

These low, deftly-canted teacups are understated beauties to grace your tea table. The patchy teal and gray glaze, bespeckled brown, recalls a lichen covered stone nestled in the undergrowth of northern forests, yet the underlying material, revealed in the unglazed ecru foot, and tapering walls render them surprisingly light in the hand. At around 100 milliliters, they're the perfect size for one to two gongfu cha drinkers to enjoy tranquil teas—perhaps those with a good dose of woody, soil, or mineral notes.

Please note: as these are unique, handmade pieces, there is some variation in shape and significant variation in glazing from the pictured example.

About the artist

Sigita Hjort is a Lithuanian potter based in Copenhagen, Denmark, renowned for her unique approach to ceramics that bridges art and functionality. Emphasizing a deep connection with nature, Sigita incorporates raw materials like ash, stone, and wild clay into her glazing processes. This method fosters a symbiotic relationship between naturalistic aesthetics and practical utility, marking her pieces as distinctively experimental yet deeply rooted in traditional craftsmanship. Her work is celebrated for its innovative fusion of elements and its ability to evoke the raw beauty of the natural world.

Sigita Hjorst holds a red-brown teacup, examining it critically.
  • ARTIST:  Sigita Hjorst
  • MATERIAL:  Stoneware
  • CAPACITY:  100ml
  • HEIGHT:  4 cm
  • WIDTH:  7.5 cm
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