The nannuoshan tea vases (for the Berlin tea house)

Some tea shops store their tea in metal cans, other in paper bags, glass containers or even wood boxes.

For our tea house we knew what we wanted: Chinese porcelain vases; but this is not a  restrictive choice, for as you know, China is the birthplace of porcelain and pottery abounds with many fantastic options in all manner of styles.

We focussed our search on handcrafted vases, which had to be made of natural raw materials –chemicals are not uncommon to enhance the glaze, which we do not want – plus in keeping with nannuoshan’s ethics and style, we also wanted to keep the style simple and elegant.

For many weeks we searched every corner of Jingdezhen – the Chinese porcelain capital and eventually our effort was rewarded.

Sinuous shape. Delicate matte glaze. An eye for detail. It was love at the first glance. 


It took a month for the potter to provide our fifty custom made vases; and a few weeks for them to travel from Jingdezhen, via Shanghai and Beijing, to the final destination: the nannuoshan tea house in downtown Berlin. We think it is wonderful to really know what the journey has been for delivering and producing items such as our stunning Chinese pottery, it simply adds to the magic for every moment you use it.



Natural porcelain is a preferable choice for storing tea; not only for its artistic value and aesthetic glamour. Our porcelain vases are light – and airtight, for every lid is carefully sanded for close-fitting. The glazed interior is odorless and does not retain the fragrance of the tea. The heavy body absorbs heat, so that the inner side is insensitive to daily temperature variation, like a cave. So the sun can shine through the windows of the tea shop without concern.




Now that the vases were safely delivered to our tea shop in Berlin we now just have to fill them and mark the name of the teas… but how to do it? Stickers and labels would alter the beauty of the vase. We ought to sit together and come up with a proper solution.

Written by Gabriele