Berlin Tea House

An unforgettable Berlin tea experience

Here at nannoushan we are very pleased to provide Berlin with a fantastic tea house and tea shop where you are able to sample and buy the highest quality tea and teaware from our specialist farms and suppliers that we have sourced in China. We are also very active in educating people about tea and put on regular workshops to sample and learn more about quality tea.

Nannuoshan Tea House
Heckmann Höfe
Oranienburger Str. 32, Berlin
Tel. +49 30 239 175 71

Mo - Sa: 12pm - 8pm
Su: 12pm - 6pm
Tu: Closed

Tea House 1

Tea shop

Every aspect of the store design, branding and choice of teas, teaware and general ambience and location of our tea shop here in Berlin is reflective of the desire we have to create a special environment and make our quality tea and store the foundation of your experience here at nannuoshan Berlin.
Over fifty exclusive teas and refined teaware are available for purchase in our tea shop.

Tea House 2

Tea house

You can enjoy all our exclusive teas and delicious cakes in the cozy atmosphere of our tea house, surrounded by relaxing music. You can choose between tea in a teapot, in gongfu cha form –the traditional Chinese method– or in a trio of taster’s mugs. And in our little library you will find rare books about tea culture and arts; take them to your table.

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Tea seminars

Tea culture in Europe is very young. The Chinese have been drinking tea for millennia, but this pastime only reached Europe in the 17th century.Tea incorporates a massive area that many people know very little about. It is our mission and pleasure to educate and inform those who are interested in the fineries of quality Chinese tea. Join us at one of our regular events by staying in touch via our main social channels Twitter and Facebook.

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Location information

Visit us in the heart of Berlin. Our shop is located in the Heckmann-Höfe, a quiet courtyard located between the famous Oranienburger Str. and the artistic August Str. in downtown Berlin.The courtyard is a green oasis of peace, offering the perfect ambience to taste tea, relax and calm down.

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Gongfu Cha, the traditional Chinese method of steeping tea, has much to do with art. From the perfection of the leaves to the refinement of porcelain, this ritual is a pleasure that involves all senses. For this reason, along with our informative workshops we also put on exhibitions to help you learn more about tea.Nannuoshan is a hub for art exhibitions and events linked to Chinese culture.Make sure you are kept informed by joining us on our social channels and subscribe to our email newsletter.


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