Gu Dao Cha Xiang 2007

For lovers of tobacco-herbal Shengs.

These nifty bing cha of 100 grams each are rich in flavour. Produced by the esteemed Dian Hong Group, most known for the black tea of the same name, it has been named in honour of the old Tea-Horse Road (Chá mǎ gǔdào, 茶馬古道), the trade route between China and Tibet that fermented the tea carried upon it for centuries. Aged as they are in dry storage, the dense cakes seem to have travelled such a journey, with a whiff of fine tobacco smoke, a body of dried red fruit, and the butter of the Tibetan po cha. A quick steeping is particularly recommended, so as to appreciate the subtler flavours. Available both individually, or in a special tong of eight bing cha in a decorative box.

Watch Gabriele's review of these little bing cha:

Gu Dao Cha Xiang 2007: Good things come in small packages!
  • FACTORY:  Fengqing Tea Factory (Dian Hong Group)
  • MEANING:  Ancient road tea township (gu dao cha xiang)
  • HARVEST TIME:  2007
  • TASTE:  Tobacco, red fruit, butter
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  • Quantity: 6g / 500ml
  • Water temperature: 100°C
  • Infusion time: 4–5 min
  • Quantity: 5g / 100ml
  • Water temperature: 100°C
  • Several short infusions

Start with few seconds. Increase the brewing time at each following infusion. Exception: If the leaves are pressed, make the first infusion longer than the second.
For best results in gongfu cha, brew in a Yixing teapot.