Jin Jun Mei Blind Tasting

So you've tasted the teas and you've made your guesses; now for the big reveal as to which Jin Jun Mei samples belong to which flavor category and their relative prices (as they would likely retail for individually on our shop):

  1. Honeyed #3 – 26€/50g
  2. Honeyed #1, roasted – 21€/50g
  3. Floral #2 – 29€/50g
  4. Honeyed #2 – 23€/50g
  5. Fruity – 42€/50g
  6. Floral #3, available on its own on our shop – 30€/50g
  7. Floral #1 – 25€/50g

How did you do? Was it difficult to distinguish the different flavor types? We hope you enjoyed the blind tasting and the reveal.