About us

We are a group of tea lovers with a mission: to share our passion for tea and tea culture with you. As tea adventurers, we travel to remote plantations year after year to meet farmers and source their tea. We have particular soft spots for teas from China, Taiwan, Japan, so that’s what we’re bringing to you most often.

We cherish our relationships with farmers as much as their tea, so we always source directly from origin, establishing fair and transparent relationships which give us access to the rarest gems. We’re learning a lot along the way and we strive to share that tea insight with you. Whether you’re tasting pure tea for the first time or have been collecting Pu’er tea for ages, we’re excited to share our tea journey with you.


The nannuoshan tea teamThe Nannuoshan partners on the tea fields: Gabriele in Yunnan, Mathias in Fujian and Elsa in Shizuoka.



At Nannuoshan, we only sell items we’re in love with: tea that we drink and teaware that we use (and you’ll find that our standards are preeeeeetty high). All our teas are hand-picked and exclusively processed by family-run farms and small tea factories. With us, you won’t encounter broken leaves, blends or trading companies. 


tea farmer picking leaves for green teaFARM TO CUP: Our small-batch, hand-crafted teas are sourced by us directly at the farm.


Likewise, our teaware is selected at origin, while visiting artists in their ateliers as they make Yixing teapots and Jingdezhen porcelain. We import all tea and teaware directly from producers in the countries of origin. Between you and the artist who crafted your tea or teaware, there is only Nannuoshan.   

 Artist paining tea cup in Jingdezhen

Pottery in Jingdezhen

Sourcing teaware in the atelier of Ran Xiangfei a.k.a. “Ryan”, an emerging Jingdezhen artist.



The Nannuoshan partners don’t live out of tea, we live FOR tea. We all have unrelated full-time professions and unite to care for Nannuoshan in our time off. We are tea explorers, tea adventurers, tea nerds, often tea drunk. We love tea and we love our tea community. Never hesitate to reach out if you have a question, a project, an idea.

We are grateful to share what we love with others who love it too.


Supplying you with farmer tea and crafted teaware is extremely rewarding, but we wouldn’t be true to Nannuoshan’s mission without sharing our tea knowledge with all of you. And is the contact with our customers that we praise the most.

Every week we publish new tea videos on the Nannuoshan YouTube channel and we do offer workshops and tea classes, both virtual and in person, to improve your tea knowledge and brewing skills.

When Spring comes the tea plants sprout new growth and we bring you on the tea tour to China to experience it first hand! Every year, if the virus allows, we bring our customers on an adventurous journey to tea plantations and ceramicists’ ateliers to experience tea culture there, where everything started.



Gabriele is the founder of Nannuoshan. How did it happen? Watch this video about his tea history. His routine: Aerospace engineering during the day; Nannuoshan business at night; travelling and sport the rest of the time. Gabriele is the logistician of the team; from his inborn attitude and engineering background, he organizes the work of the team. Mid-age Sheng Pu’er, Dancong and traditional Taiwan Oolongs are his favorites.



Attorney-at-law in real life, Mathias focuses on orders and customer satisfaction at Nannuoshan. He supports the team in all those bureaucratic tasks for which we are glad to have a lawyer on board. In his free time Mathias swims in lakes and hikes high mountains. Mathias is a great mediator; he keeps and brings harmony in the team

It is hard to find a tea he doesn’t like, but aged Oolong are among his favorites: the stronger, the better.


Having made her way from theater to tea, Elsa interned on a tea farm in Japan and worked for several different tea companies before joining Nannuoshan as a partner. Few things make her happier than finding a fellow tea lover.

Her favorite teas are green Taiwanese Oolongs, Japanese Shinchas and Dancongs. When she has a free minute, you’ll probably find her learning another language, making a bouquet of flowers or flowing from Warrior 1 to Warrior 2.



When Dimitri isn’t onstage, he puts Nannuoshan’s soul into words. He is the creative mind of the team and takes care of marketing content like product descriptions and newsletters. He supports Henning in order preparation and dispatch, and from time to time, loves to give tea workshops in Berlin.

In his tea cup you will find the next tea to appear on the Nannuoshan website or … (favorite).


Henning is the manager of the Nannuoshan studio in Berlin. He takes care of order processing, office supply and helps the partners in accounting. Henning is a visual artist. He combines his creative background with a systematic approach, and Nannuoshan loves him for both.

He likes to explore new teas and deepen his understanding of the tangled wood that is tea knowledge. Should he mention a favorite, he would go for xxx.


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