Chaozhou Flat Wire Teapot

Like a birthmark of place, the concentric rings that circulate the pot are features that throwing clay to wheel would allow. Though it is often adorned on Chaozhou teapots, in this example the potter has - as if in dignified practise - covered the flattened body thoroughly from top to bottom, spreading the lines onto the sides of the spout and the turgid handle to leave them unfinished and uncanny. Perhaps the artist is insinuating something worth pondering over a cup of tea.

The clay

Chaozhou red clay from Phoenix Mountains is very fine and has an elasticity that supports being thrown on a wheel. It is not hand-built like Yixing teapots which leads some stylistic differences between the two. The thinner walls dissipate heat quickly making it suitable for more smaller thus delicate tea leaves, whose higher aromatic profile should be protected from overheating. Containing the same minerals to the earth Dancong tea trees are grown, the two are considered a good brewing match, though the clay itself is versatile for other types of tea too. It does well in softening and rounding any tea liquor, and adds character to the flavour while preserving its brightness.

  • ARTIST: Zhang Guohe (章国河)
  • MATERIAL: Hongni, 红泥 (lit. 'red mud')
  • SHAPE: Flat wire
  • CAPACITY: 95 ml
  • HEIGHT: 5 cm
  • WIDTH: 7.5 x 11 cm
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