Tea Tins

A burnished patina lends a touch of sophistication to these simple tea tins, which even in their smallest form won’t fall short of fulfilling one’s tea storage needs. Sealed away from air and light, valuable tea can rest within the non-porous surface that allows for interchangeable use without transferring odors. Three different sizes suit all kinds of leaves, whether a tightly-rolled oolong or the larger wayward leaves of, say, a Bai Mudan. The secure lid is molded with a circular handle to comfortably pop the top from its fitted body, and each can is provided with blank adhesive labels for the top and side to write in the name and type of its current contents. Arranged side-by-side on a display shelf or tucked away in a drawer, these affordable tins encourage an ever-expanding tea collection in which one won’t overlook that last remaining bit of a special stash.

Each can comes with two labels, one each for the top and side, not yet attached.

  • MATERIAL:  Metal
  • HEIGHT:  Small: 8.5 cm; Medium: 12 cm; Large: 15.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  9 x 9 cm
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