Opulence Tray

Creating a space for tea is not merely a matter of choosing a comfortable corner, but also designating it for the purpose. Solid and weighty, this ceramic tray generates a microcosm for gongfu cha by elevating teapots, gaiwans, and teacups from the surface below, providing a crisp, bordered background for a variety of teaware styles, and concealing a contained reservoir for spilled and discarded tea. The subtly curved top guides tea to a simple lattice of holes into the hollow interior, which after usage can be drained by tipping the tray towards a corner outlet. Available in different glazings with varying properties:

  • The whiter glaze has a network of larger cracks above a veiny lace of fine ones, barely visible beneath; when stained with tea over time, they will evoke the classic jinsi tiexian, or 'gold thread and iron wire', characteristic of Song-Dynasty Ge ware.
  • The darker glazes have brown flecks and a yellowish tinge, with a fine, whorled texture reminiscent of citrus skin for a more grounded look.
  • Additionally, some of the drainage holes have been gilded, with a few gold flecks on the surface.

Given the array of possible combinations, we've made the rare decision to offer each tray individually, so the exact finish can be selected from the accompanying photos.

  • MATERIAL:  Ceramic
  • HEIGHT:  2.4 cm
  • LENGTH:  19.8 cm
  • WIDTH:  29.7 cm
  • WEIGHT:  ca. 1.5 kg