Caldera Pot Holder

A place to repose a teapot or gaiwan in tranquility, this simple manifold of solid copper features a flat island surrounded by a shallow moat. Rinse off teaware to clean and warm them in preparation for use, baste clayware with excess tea to improve the patina, or simply perform gongfu cha without worrying about drips and spills. The basin can even be used inverted in 'dry' preparation, and the simple shape with its dark, mottled appearance provides an understated backdrop for colorful clays, bright porcelain, and glazed ceramics.

Comes with a rattan coaster for keeping the pot's underside dry, or can be used bare for a more striking appearance.

  • MATERIAL:  Copper
  • CAPACITY:  90 ml (to island)/200 ml (to rim)
  • HEIGHT:  2.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  15 cm
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