Bodhi Strainer

Made from the delicately desiccated leaves of the sacred fig, also known as the bodhi tree, after the site of the Buddha's enlightenment. The simple addition of a piece of wood and twine turns it into surprisingly stable and effective tea strainer, the lacy skeleton filtering even the finest tea leaves as it gently warps and stains with the colour of the tea poured through. Plus, the handle emblazoned with our logo, it's an elegant way to show your support while sipping on some Nannuoshan tea!

(Note: As a natural product, there is some variation in size and shape. Pitcher in picture for illustrative purposes only.)

  • MATERIAL:  Sacred fig leaf, wood
  • HEIGHT:  1.5 mm
  • WIDTH:  11–14 cm
  • LENGTH:  15–20 cm
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