Precious Cup  
Jianyang Cup  
Tradition Cup  

Bamboo Tea Saucer  
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Bamboo Scoop handmade
Bamboo Tea Tongs handmade

Pastoral Cup  
Symbolic Cup  
Hammered Glass Pitcher  

Serene Teapot  
Rattan Tea Saucer  
Lightbulb Yixing Teapot hongni

Red Spice Yixing Teapot hongni
Gongfu Travel Tea Set  
Fence Tea Saucer  

Lotus-Leaf Tea Saucer  
Tea Lotus  
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Handmade Gaiwan click to reserve it

Tall Well Railing Yixing Teapot jiangponi
Wide Well Railing Yixing Teapot jiangponi
Grand Lantern Yixing Teapot jiangponi

Fat Eggplant Yixing Teapot jiangponi
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Vizier Yixing Teapot duanni
Nature Spirit Yixing Teapot zini

Bamboo Gongfu Cha Tool Set handmade
Bamboo Soul Yixing Teapot zini
Artisanal Cup  

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Artisanal Pitcher  
Artisanal Gaiwan  
Big Button Gaiwan  

Cloud Gaiwan  
Cloud Cup  
Green Fantasy Gaiwan  

Blue Fantasy Gaiwan  
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