Yuan Yao visits Nannuoshan

Yuan Yao: "Since when do you drink Chinese tea?"
Gabriele: "Oh, well. Maybe seven or eight years."



Yuan Yao: "Wow, you have this tea toy. I have one too. Does yours change color with hot water?"
Gabriele: "No, it does not. That's the next level :)"


So we started to choose the tea...

Yuan Yao: "I like Jin Jun Mei. It is quite mild, warm to stomach and the smell is pleasant. But maybe I would rather drink Tieguanyin in this moment. It's quite similar to green tea, but stronger. It is good after a tiring trip; a refreshment."
Gabriele takes out some Tieguanyin and Jin Jun Mei, and we start with the latter.




Yuan Yao comes from Hangzhou, the hometown of Long Jing.
Yuan Yao: "Have you ever heard of the legend of Long Jing tea?"
"Long long ago, in the Long Jing village, there was an old couple running a tea booth. They were very kindhearted and offered passengers warm and free tea. They were poor; and so was the quality of their tea..." 
To be continued next time we meet...

Written by Yuan Yao and Gabriele