We have a little secret to tell you all!

Nannuoshan tea secrets

We’ve been a bit silent at nannuoshan in the past few weeks.  The reason we've were focusing all our energies on a new project. 

We’re now ready to reveal the secret!

We finally found the perfect place to open our first tearoom!

Guessing where?

Some clues: a television tower, an active nightlife, an interesting arts scene, a wall that no longer exists, guessed yet? 
That’s the vibrant city of Berlin of course, where our nannuoshan headquarters is already based! 
We have found a wonderful space in the Heckmann-Höfe, a green oasis of peace in the heart of Berlin. 

Some history

The origin of the Heckmann-Höfe dates back to the 17th century: it used to be a coppersmith workshop run by the machine manufacturer Reinhold Heckmann. The courtyards extend from Oranienburger Straße 32 to August Straße 9, just beside the famous synagogue. 
Before the openings there is still some work to do. We will keep you update with the work-in-progress of our new space! 
For now please join us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you posted and inform you of more news related to nannuoshan.


Heckmann Hofe Tea Shop

Synangogue Berlin Tea Room  Telev Tower

Heckmann Hofe Tea Room


Written by Michela