The nannuoshan tea list

We just finish to print and bind the tea list - the last step of a long process...

The cover

Everything started months ago, when we asked a calligraphy teacher in Hangzhou –a Chinese city famous also for tea– to write NAN NUO SHAN for the cover. Below the tea list cover and the original calligraphy.

The traditional Chinese bookbinding with red wool thread is also visible in the photo.

the tea list of the nannuoshan tea house

nan nuo shan


The content

Nannuoshan consists of a tea house and a tea shop; and so does the tea list.


White, green, yellow, oolong, black and post-fermented. You can find them all in the nannuoshan tea shop. A choice of more than 50 teas is awaiting you. All personally selected in China, directly by the growers.

Beside the teas, what makes our tea shop so unique?

The fact that you can not only look and smell the leaves. You can even taste the tea before you buy. You are always welcome at our gongfu cha table. We will brew the teas of your choice according to the traditional Chinese method. Regulars can even leave their favorite cup in the shop; it will be kept aside for their visit.

gongfu cha in Berlin  gongfu cha in Berlin


The place of origin of each tea is detailed in the tea list, as well as some adjectives to direct your choice. But every tea has its own story. So don’t hesitate to come along and ask.

Oolong tea  Yellow tea


Tea house

In the nannuoshan tea house we would like to offer a confortable atmosphere to enjoy tea and relaxing. You can choose between different steeping methods.

We brew the tea for you at the right water temperature and steeping time and serve it in a teapot at the table.

Gongfu cha
If you fancy doing it yourself, we provide the necessary Chinese teaware and will gladly show you how to deal with the various accessories.

Tea tasting
Choose the tea taster’s mug if you wish to compare different teas at the same time.

In the tea house we serve also organic Japanese teas and selected herbal teas. We also offer fresh pastries and homemade cakes.

Nannuoshan tea house in Berlin


What else?

Tea and reading
On the tea house bookshelf there is a selection of books and writings about tea culture and related arts. Feel free to take them to the table with you.

Free internet connection is at your disposal.

Drinking tea is a social occasion. Experience it during the nannuoshan’s Sunday breakfasts, the evening tea tastings and the informative seminars. We also organize tea catering at your house or event.


Written by Gabriele