Tea tasting in Gonzaga, Mantua

It's Saturday, early afternoon. The city welcomes us with a warm and sunny weather, almost summertime! After a quiet stroll around the old town center we head to Caffè Teatro, to set the room for the tea tasting. The event is organized in collaboration with L'Ordine dell'Universo, a macrobiotic association that already hosted us in Milan and Turin. Thanks to the good promotion work of Cristina, the representative of the Mantua branch, the room is soon packed with a lot of tea enthusiasts!



After a brief introduction to the world of tea we begin the tasting. We start with a Lu'an Gua Pian, a brisky green tea from last year harvesting. Our guests find it pleasant and very delicate. Then we compare two very different Oolong: Anxi Tie Guan Yin, fresh and flowery, and Hua Xiang Rougui, mineral and roasted. Most of the present express preference for the first tea even if they are pleasantly surprised by the mineral taste of the second one. It's now time for a black tea, Yi Ji Qi Hong Xiang Luo, rich taste with cocoa notes. We end the tasting with a Pu'er, on request of some of the participants. I choose a Nannuoshan 2013, not too strong and suitable for those who try this type of tea for the first time.




To give an extra Oriental touch to the event, Michela and Valentina are wearing two typical handmade Chinese dresses, that Zhang Qin, Michela's friend in Shanghai, donated her during her last last trip to China in January.

We sincerely thank Cristina and Caffè Teatro staff for their kindness and the enthusiasm!

The next tea tasting will be in Paris on May 16th, with the new teas that Gabriele will bring from China. Keep posted to receive more info about!

Written by Michela