Black tea, Pu'er & dark tea

Knowledge and reviews about black and dark teas, including Pu'er.

Difference between green and black tea

The difference is quite clear, you might say: "green tea is green and black it black." But what does turn the tea leaves, which are all green, to black? And how is the fresh green color preserved in green tea? Continue reading

Tea mountains: Mengsong & Nannuo

Gabriele is traveling Yunnan. He is hosted at Mr. Feng's tea factory in the countryside near Menghai and from there ventures on the Xishuangbanna tea mountains, where famous Pu'er tea trees are cultivated. Continue reading

Finally Yunnan!

After a longer-than-planned trip, Gabriele eventually arrived in Yunnan. This blog tells about its first day at a Pu'er tea factory and the visit to Laobanzhang, a village with ancient tea trees. Continue reading

Fujian (1) - Fuzhou and Tanyang

Gabriele moves south to Fujian, a province with an impressive diversity of outstanding teas. In this first blog entry he describes the first days in the province, spent in the capital Fuzhou and in the small mountain village of Tanyang. Here he witnessed the production of the local black and white teas in a family driven farm. Continue reading