Parcels from China for the Berlin tea shop

The nannuoshan tea house in Berlin opens next week! To participate to the opening event send us an email ( or join our Facebook event.

Last month we received the largest delivery of teaware ever from China. At that time we couldn’t share the content with you, for the Berlin tea shop was still a secret… now we can!

It took several weeks to find all the teaware we wanted and to organize the shipment. Some items were selected by Michela and myself at the beginning of the year, during our journeys to China. For others we benefit from the help of our Chinese friends.

Below Michela and her friend Giovanni at Tegel airport, collecting the 18 parcels from China, containing the precious porcelain items and other tools that we ordered for our shop. Nothing on the long trip was broken or damaged!



Michela collected the parcels at the airport. And I took care of unpacking them; it took a whole day!



What was inside the parcels? Below a limited overview. Visit us to discover it all!

Teapots to serve the tea at the table.

chinese teapot

Chinese teapot


Tiny hand painted plates, cups and floral plates for little snacks.



In our tea house you can steep the tea yourself at the table!

Traditional Chinese thermos keep the water hot while you brew in gongfu cha style.


And these large cups in soft pastel colours with flared rim are for purchase in our shop.


What else?

Chinese porcellain tea containers from Jingdezhen

    • The lamps for the shop: come along at our opening event to see them together with the rest of the furniture that we have carefully collected in six countries!
      You can join the event also on facebook.

    Written by Gabriele