Nannuoshan tea vases meet Shufa!

In our previous post we were wondering about the best way to mark the vases with the name of the tea. We only knew it had to be something artistic, ethereal and harmonious, to perfectly merged with the shape of the vases.

Inspiration suddenly came from a meeting with Aki, my good friend who just came back to Berlin after spending some months in Japan. Why not painting the name of the tea directly on the vases?

Aki is a talented artist and studied Chinese calligraphy - Shūfǎ 書法 in Chinese, Shodō 書道 in Japanese - for ten years, since the age of five.

She arrived at our office armed with Chinese brushes, ink and all the necessary for Shūfǎ. After some tests on paper to choose the appropriate style, she painted the vases with a special ink for porcelain.

We’re very satisfied about the final result…How do you like them?



Written by Michela