Bai Hao Yin Zhen 2014


Perhaps the most well-known white tea by name, usually as ‘Silver Needles’, Yin Zhen’s selection of pure unopened leaf buds frequently lends itself to delicate, floral flavours, gliding across the palate and stimulating the nose. Having a few years under its belt already, this tea, harvested in 2014, is warm and mature, presenting a wave of flowery sweetness balanced by the barest hint of sour fruits. Fulfilling the refined profile of its type, it simultaneously manages to have a full body which is refreshing and not the least bit heavy, evoking freshly-baked bread and warm water. Ideal therefore both as an accompaniment to summer days, or to bring a touch of sun into the colder months, this tea will instantly relax the drinker, as if sitting before gentle ocean breezes.

  • ORIGIN:  Fuding, Ningde, Fujian, China
  • MEANING:  White hair silver needle (bai hao yin zhen)
  • CULTIVAR:  Fuding Da Bai Hao
  • HARVEST TIME:  Spring 2014
  • TASTE:  Fresh yeast, white flowers, seaside

  • Quantity: 6g / 500ml
  • Water temperature: 90°C
  • Infusion time: 4 min
  • Quantity: 3g / 150ml
  • Water temperature: 90°C
  • 4 infusions: 45, 45, 60, 90 sec

For best results in gongfu cha, brew in the traditional gaiwan.

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