Simplicity Waste Water Jar

This simple, vase-shaped container is an excellent addendum to a modern, modular gong fu cha set: after warming up vessels or giving tea leaves a preparatory rinse (or even in the case of over-brewed tea—yes, it happens to all of us), pour the hot water into the lid of this waiting receptacle, and watch it drain away. Spent leaves can likewise be placed within, and concealed from sight, and the simple hole in the lid can also be covered with a chosen cha chong, or tea pet, to slow the flow of liquid, both aesthetic and practical enhancements to the gong fu cha ritual. The container is made of a subtly golden, glazed porcelain, making cleaning easy.

The same material and simple, functional style is shared by the Simplicity Teapot.

  • MATERIAL:  Jingdezhen porcelain
  • CAPACITY:  500 ml
  • WIDTH:  11.5 cm
  • HEIGHT:  9.5 cm
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