Gongfu Travel Tea Set


Ever long for a quality cuppa while out-and-about or far from home? Those of us who are tea aficionados will often be disappointed by the average cup of tea one finds while travelling, and in the wilderness there may be none available at all! Creating a kit for gongfu cha while travelling allows one to enjoy delicious tea anytime, anywhere, and this set has not only all the teaware you need, but enough to share with others in style.

Rendered in a uniform elongated style in fine, yet sturdy porcelain, this set pairs a gaiwan with three cups, all with a neutral white or robin's egg blue exterior glaze. A handleless glass pitcher (resembling our Grace Pitcher) allows one to share fairly with tea companions, and fits together with the rest in a practical protective carrying case, with handle and carabiner. 

To see it in action, and for tips on how to incorporate it into your mobile gongfu cha ritual, watch our YouTube video Tea On Vacation: The Best Tea Set for Gongfu Cha On The Road!


Tea travel set


For a compact set with a single cup, consider our Rolling Stone Kuai Ke Bei.

  • MATERIAL: Ceramic, glass
  • CAPACITY: Gaiwan: 125 ml (under the lid), Pitcher: 205 ml, Cup: 40 ml
  • WIDTH: Gaiwan: 8.2 cm, Pitcher: 7.9 x 7cm, Cup 5.2 cm
  • HEIGHT: Gaiwan: 6.5 cm, Pitcher: 8.9 cm, Cup: 4.3 cm

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