Lustrous Chawan


Drawing the eye with its glazing, a peppering of anthracites, silvers, and graphites, with golden veins peeking through, this chawan makes its second impression in the hands: weighty, yet quickly warm to the touch, the sides bowing out to meet the hands, its surface somehow finding the intersection between silky and stonelike. Its solid foot, unglazed to reveal the dark clay of its construction, lands deftly on the table; the application of water awakens the magnificent lustre, against which fine matcha radiates its springtime green. The lip softly undulates, inviting the tea drinker to take a first sip…while a shallow space is left at the bottom for a tidy pool of matcha to sit, awaiting the last one.

  • MATERIAL:  Stoneware
  • CAPACITY:  550 ml
  • DIAMETER:  12.2 cm
  • HEIGHT:  8 cm


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