Jade Lady Teapot


The gently sloping curves of this petite teapot will imbue its user with all the grace of a great lady from a kingdom long-gone. Its looping handle is reminiscent of a delicate ear, and the green bead on the lid, like a jewelled earring, provides just the right amount of adornment on the otherwise sparse, birch-coloured vessel.

Sturdy and round, the Lady fits comfortably in the palm while making its presence known on any table. The straight spout pours remarkably true, forestalling any indelicate spills by its user. And the little handle on top remains cooler than the body, avoiding causing burns when brewing heat-requiring oolongs or pu'ers. How thoughtful.

  • MATERIAL:  Ceramic
  • CAPACITY:  220 ml
  • LENGTH:  14 cm
  • HEIGHT:  10 cm


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