Gooseneck Kettle

Tea drinkers can benefit from the token slim, elongated gooseneck spout to guide a steady pour into even the smallest brewing vessels. The kettle is fixed with a sturdy T-bone handle and slick black casting for a bold but subdued look that surprises tea connoisseurs with more than its ergonomic design. It heats water to any desired temperature between 40-100°C and then maintains it at set temperature for up to 60 minutes, which in its timeliness accompanies fine tea through its several infusions. Powered by a multifunctional base equipped with user-friendly features such as a temperature gauge wheel and LCD display, the electronic kettle promises to be a quotidian tea accessory to accompany any Chaxi.


  • MATERIAL:  Stainless steel
  • CAPACITY:  900 ml
  • BASE WIDTH:  15 x 20 cm
  • HEIGHT:  19 cm