Heavenly Balance Gaiwan

Its simple form belies the thoughtfulness of its design: a wide, scooped belly gives it a capacity for sharing, and the spout ensures tea will land in the desired cup, with not a drop spilt. A built-in filter in front releases the steeped liquor from warm leaves, while an air intake behind allows smooth pouring, as the lid is perfectly fitted. But perhaps the most noteworthy feature is the flared lip, curling upward to rein in any sloshing, should it occur, while giving the fingers cooler leverage to lift the cup in perfect balance. If the gaiwan were reimagined for today's era of minimal form for maximal function, this would be it. But, completely handmade, this modern artefact bears no compromises in craftsmanship, as the slim peak of the lid handle, the diamond shape of the filter, the unglazed inner rim, and its contrast to the cloudy white craquelure glaze, will all attest. Most of all, it looks terribly elegant in the hand.

  • ARTIST:  Geng Xian Dong
  • MATERIAL:  Stoneware
  • CAPACITY:  150-180 ml (under the lid, variation due to handmaking)
  • HEIGHT:  ca. 8 cm
  • WIDTH:  ca. 9.5 cm
  • LENGTH:  ca. 10 cm
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