Nannuo Gaiwan


A standard 100 ml gaiwan, practical and handy. A best companion for the daily gongfu cha sessions.

The Nannuo Gaiwan holds 100 ml of tea under the lid (120 ml to the rim). The right size to handle it easily with one hand and still capacious enough for multi-persons gongfu cha sessions.

The wide flared rim further simplify usage, as it keeps cold also when steeping with boiling water. Always search for a flared gaiwan if you are a gongfu cha beginner or intend to brew with boiling water.

The Nannuoshan logo was applied by hand in Jingdezhen.

  • MATERIAL:  Porcellain
  • CAPACITY:  120 ml
  • DIAMETER:  8.5 cm
  • HEIGHT:  5.4 cm (only cup)

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