Moat Tea Tray


While practitioners of gongfu cha may be familiar with the large wooden trays used to hold teaware, as well as catch excess water, a more recent trend in gongfu steeping has been towards minimalism: instead of the more cumbersome trays for teapot or gaiwan, teacups, lotus, filter,… and any other accoutrements, a small ceramic dish becomes a pedestal for the teapot or gaiwan alone. While elevating the tea-brewing vessel to the focus of attention, it contains excess water in a small moat surrounding it; a spout on one side allows easy drainage. While the mottled glaze may suggest a rough simplicity, the banks of some pond or wild brook, its smooth feel and sturdy construction speaks to the quality of its production.

Those with limited space or seeking a more minimal style will enjoy the charm and ease of this tidy tray, which can also double as a platform for displaying a chosen piece of teaware.

(Note: Teapot in picture for example only, and not included.)

  • MATERIAL:  Stoneware
  • SIZE:  15 x 16 cm
  • HEIGHT:  3.7 cm


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