Pavilion Teapot


To look upon this teapot is to behold a work of art both impressive and unassuming. Surprisingly miniature, the vessel nevertheless radiates a kind of self-possession that catches the viewer up in its world, in which the unglazed lid seems like a platform from which to view an entire model planet, à la Le Petit Prince, in repose.

It is not for nothing that the characters inscribed with flair above a lotus pod motif read: "Pavilion in which purity is planted" or "taken care of", referring to the purity of the tea brewed within the pot, and symbolising that the teapot (and the tea maker) is taking care of it. Thus a carefully crafted piece of pottery can serve as an inanimate tea master, an object lesson teaching us, by its very form, how to take the time to prepare tea with patience, and build our own quiet world, wherever we may be.

Thick-walled and sturdy for its size, the Pavilion Teapot holds just enough liquid to share with a fellow tea drinker.

  • MATERIAL:  Ceramic
  • CAPACITY:  120 ml
  • LENGTH:  11.5 cm
  • HEIGHT:  7.5 cm


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