Bluefish set


Starter set for Chinese tea ceremony.


The gaiwan depicts fresh water fishes and a twig of weeping willow, naturally growing on the shore of lakes and rivers. The porcelain cups feature a tapering blue line under the rim, matching the blue fishes on the gaiwan.

The set is completed with a roundish glass pitcher and Hong Qing, an intense and fresh green tea, with a pleasant juniper aftertaste.


The price is all inclusive!
A letter with a description of the teaware and tea will company each set and the price includes also packaging and shipping, worldwide!

  • GONGFU CHA SET:  Gaiwan, 2 cups, pitcher
  • TEA:  20g of Hong Qing (green tea)
  • GAIWAN CAPACITY:  150 ml (up to the rim)
  • CUP CAPACITY:  60 ml (up to the rim)

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