Blue fish gaiwan


A basic and elegant gaiwan decorated with small carps and bamboo leaves in traditional blue. Its pleasant shape and rim thickness make it very practical and easy to use. It is suitable for any kind of tea and the perfect choice for everyday use or as first gaiwan to approach Gongfu Cha, the Chinese traditional brewing method.


Why do I need a gaiwan?

The gaiwan is the most common tea vessel in China. It comprises three pieces: a thin-walled, handle-less cup, a saucer and a lid. The cup is given a flared lip to hold it without burning one’s fingers.

According to custom, you should brew only the precise quantity of tea that you need to serve you and your guests. Several infusions follow; only freshly brewed tea is dispensed in the cups. This procedure guarantees best results.

Unlike Yixing teapots, the gaiwan does not retain odors. So you can brew different kind of tea in the same gaiwan.

Usage: steep the leaves in the gaiwan and pour the brewed tea into a second pot for serving. Use a strainer if necessary. Repeat several times refilling the gaiwan.

  • MATERIAL:  Porcelain
  • CAPACITY:  140 ml (under the lid)
  • DIAMETER:  9.1 cm
  • HEIGHT:  5.7 cm (cup only)


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