Bamboo Scoop


This handsome tea scoop is made from a single piece of hand-carved bisected bamboo, with edges smoothed and tapered. Its natural colour and rustic quality pair well with other wood tea accessories as well as pale ceramic. Its underside, rippled with nodes, gives it a distinctive form; it will stand out, not disappear, on the gongfu table. The medium size and length lets it pick up both tiny rolled teas as well as larger, wilder leaves, and the slight texture of the wood keeps both tea from slipping out as well as the scoop firmly in the hand.

Pair with these Bamboo Tongs, or the Bamboo Gongfu Tool Set for a complete array of tools for gongfu cha.

  • MATERIAL:  Bamboo
  • LENGTH:  14.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  4.3 cm

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