Advent Calendar

A new blind tasting every day! With the Nannuoshan Advent calendar, you will receive 24 tea samples to delight your Advent. Each sample is numbered from 1 to 24, but the tea inside is a mystery. From December 1st to Christmas Eve, you can enjoy one sample after another, and we will send you an email every day, revealing which tea you had in your cup the day before.


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*Picture for illustrative purposes only. The 24 samples will be delivered loose, not in an calendar house.

Teas Included:

  • 23 assorted 6g-samples
  • 1 precious 10g-pouch for Christmas Eve
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  • Quantity: 6g / 500ml
  • Water temperature: of your choice
  • Infusion time: 3-5 min
  • Quantity: 3g / 100ml
  • Water temperature: of your choice
  • As many infusions as you wish :-)

For best results in gongfu cha, brew in the traditional gaiwan or in a Yixing teapot. Too high water temperature would burn the leaves, resulting in bitter taste.