Virtue Bell Yixing Teapot

Stone-smooth to the touch and formed from a speckled, caffè latte-coloured duanni, this teapot's drum-shaped body sits stolidly on the table, yet rises easily off it with the aid of the equally solid, elongated handle. The spout, in proffering bend, pours tea in a clear, gentle arc, strained by a built-in ball filter. It altogether suggests itself to be a helpful butler, sturdy and reliable, and only improving with the patina of age.

The Clay

The aged Lao Duanni (老缎泥) is a yellow ore extracted several years ago at a mine in the Yellow Dragon Mountain (Huanglongshan, 黄龙山). After being hydrated, the clay was stored at the entrance of the mine for more than a decade, improving its plasticity, before being shaped into a teapot and fired. The prefix "lao" ('old' in Mandarin) refers to the long storage.

Why do I need a Yixing teapot?

The material and the shape of Yixing teapots are ideal for brewing tea. They bring out the tea flavor like no other tea vessel. Hand-made Yixing teapots are also valuable handicrafts sought after by collectors. Their value raises with time, usage and artist popularity.

Yixing teapots are made of a rare and depleting clay mined in the mountains near Yixing, a city in the Jiangsu province. The high density yet porous nature of the clay absorbs the smell of the tea brewed in it. For this reason, it is advised to use the pot with only one kind of tea (for instance with black teas or green teas). Bring your tea to the next level; allow yourself an authentic Yixing teapot.

  • MATERIAL:  Lao duanni, 老缎泥 ('old satin mud')
  • MINE:  Huanglongshan, 黄龙山
  • SHAPE:  Xiao De Zhong, 小德钟 ('small virtue bell')
  • CAPACITY:  150 ml
  • HEIGHT:  7 cm
  • WIDTH:  7.3 x 10.7 cm