All-in-one Teapot


Would you like to prepare tea properly, but gongfu cha is too laborious?

Or maybe are you simply searching a spill-free, easy-to-use teapot for the office?

This compact teapot serves the purpose. It features an all-glass pot with an embedded infuser.

The preparation is similar to the gongfu cha method.

  • Scoop the leaves in the infuser, add hot water and cover with the lid.

  • Wait the required steeping time.

  • Press the button to let the tea flowing into the teapot.

  • Lay the infuser aside and dispense the tea in the cups.

The tea brewed with the all-in-one teapot is tastier than with a standard teapot. The advantages are several. The leaves release the flavor more easily because they freely flow in the water; no restraining filter is used. The automatic infuser allows full control over the steeping time and, as in gongfu cha, the leaves can be infused several times.
    • MATERIAL:  Glass pot, plastic infuser
    • CAPACITY:  450 ml
    • HEIGHT:  17.8 cm
    • DIAMETER:  13.2 cm


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