Xiping Tieguanyin

Traditionally a roasted variety, the more recent Qing Xiang (‘clear scent’) style of Tieguanyin comes into its own in this tea. While slightly resembling the smooth, floral character of Taiwanese high mountain oolongs, closer examination—or rather tasting—reveals it to be unmistakably Chinese, with a mineral yet sour taste and the aroma of toasted rice in place of high-mountain spiciness.

Like many quality Tieguanyins, it supports several steepings, developing in character from delicately buttery to fruity with tones of lemony greens, and it makes for an excellent accompaniment to an afternoon or evening snack, whether fruit, biscuits, or semi-hard cheeses.

  • ORIGIN:  Xiping, Anxi, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
  • MEANING:  Iron Goddess of Mercy (tie guan yin)
  • CULTIVAR:  Tieguanyin
  • HARVEST TIME:  October 2017
  • TASTE:  Sour pear, vegetal, toasted rice
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  • Quantity: 6g / 500ml
  • Water temperature: 100°C
  • Infusion time: 4 min
  • Quantity: 3g / 100ml
  • Water temperature: 100°C
  • 4 infusions: 30, 30, 45, 60 sec

For best results in gongfu cha, brew in the traditional gaiwan or in a Yixing teapot.