by Liu Shisan

Artisanal Cup

Small yet weighty, these gongfu cups hold a kind of vivacity: a subtle spectrum of colour shining through the demure glaze, with swirling accents of blue like eddies of water; the rims tilted as just the angle to seem to offer the tea within to waiting lips. The foot is left unglazed, reminding one of its earthly origins, while the body floats like mist above. This is certainly a drinking vessel not to be underestimated.

Handmade by Liu Shisan, each cup is unique, and may differ from the item pictured. The Artisanal Cup pairs well with the Artisanal Gaiwan, made by the same artist.



During one of our tea journeys, in the 'Porcelain Capital' of Jingdezhen, we discovered Liu Shisan, a young and emerging ceramicist, and admired the rough, expressive style of his work. The Artisanal Gaiwan, Pitcher, and Cup were all commissioned by Nannuoshan, and we additionally asked the artist to film himself while custom-making our teaware:



  • ARTIST:  Liu Shisan
  • MATERIAL:  Stoneware
  • CAPACITY:  65 ml
  • DIAMETER:  6.8 cm
  • HEIGHT:  3.6 cm