Weekly tea class, batch 4

For the fourth round of tea classes, we decided to delve deep into one specific type of tea: Fenghuang Dancong Oolong. With 7 pouches of Dancong, the goal is to learn how different brewing styles affect its taste, showcase the three classic grades of Phoenix tea, and ultimately put what we've learned to test in a blind tasting.

The Tea Classes

We began a series of classes intended to familiarize the staff at Nannuoshan with our tea collection. However, understanding that our online community could find this acquaintance to teas useful too, we opened up our classes as a public tea gathering, to meet once a week online.

The classes are free to join! Students are encouraged to participate in the tastings by purchasing the fourth batch of 7 teas—whether or not you have the teas at hand, we invite you to sit in with us anyway. A shareable link to the event and an overview of brewing accessories needed for the tasting are posted on the day, on the Nannuoshan Discord channel (join here).

Teas Included:

  • 20g Dancong A, brewing comparison
  • 20g Dancong B, brewing comparison
  • 3x 6g, the three classic grades
  • 2x 6g, blind samples