Sheng Tasting, part 2: Menghai vs. Yiwu

This season, we offer seventeen famous Sheng Pu'er of the Nannuoshan private collection! The four thematic batches will be disclosed over the next months, one after the other.

Each pouch will be marked with a code. After the tasting, we will reveal which tea was in which pouch. We will taste together each batch in virtual tea sessions, on the Nannuoshan Discord; Gabriele and Sigi will coordinate the video calls.

Did you miss the call or are not on Discord? Taste the teas on your own, make your guess, drop us an email at, and we will reveal you the content of each pouch.

In the second batch there are four Gushu; two of them from Menghai and two from Yiwu... Can you tell the two terroirs apart?

  • Luo Shui Dong 2013
  • Mahei 2015
  • Banpen 2015
  • Hekai 2013

The availability is very limited; for each tea, we will keep only one whole Bing Cha. If you particularly enjoy a tea, send us an email at,  and we will reserve the Bing for you: first come, first serve.

The four samples—available in 5g, 10g, and 20g pouches—will be packed to order. We will break the Bing carefully to limit loose and broken leaves; this will be easier for the larger sizes.

The Discord tasting of these four teas will take place on the third weekend of November (11/19-20).

Teas Included:

  • Luo Shui Dong 2013
  • Mahei 2015
  • Banpen 2015
  • Hekai 2013